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Submission Requirements Rules on Content FAQ's

All artists between the ages 13-18 are invited to submit up to 5 photos to be chosen for display at Gallery Fourty Nine in Market Square for the “What are the Kids Even into These Days??”  Photography Show. 

There are some rules on content but in general we want to see work that is creative, intentional and thoughtful. There is no specific photographic medium or device that is required. Each artist is responsible for the cost of getting their own images printed, but there are no fees to submit your work. 


Submission Requirements:

You may submit up to five photos which may be chosen for display - please send photos in jpeg or png files 

Deadline to submit is: March 29, 2020 at 11:59pm. EXTENDED! Submissions will remain open until further notice.

Email submissions to: [email protected]


Along with your photos we want to know about:
You and Your Work:
  • Your name (first & last)
  • Age
  • Title of work (if there is one)
  • Technical Information (for example: type of film, camera, ISO, aperture, shutter speed or etc.)(optional)


Extra Information (optional): 

  • Why do you want to display your work?
  • What do these pictures mean to you?
  • Is there a story here?

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Rules on Content:  

  • Any submitted work deemed to promote overtly negative, illegal or socially unacceptable behaviours will not be accepted for print or display. For example, we don't want to see photos glorifying: bullying, self-harm/harm to others, hateful speech, underage nudity or criminal activity. 
  • For us, there is a difference between promoting and depicting real life experiences. We want to display content or subject matter that reflects perspective, creativity and developing expertise in a photographic light. 
  • Please get in touch if you have any questions about this. We are always happy to chat.  

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Umm the world is ending, is this still happening?
Yes, it's still happening. Both the show date and the submission deadline have been extended indefinitely, so keep shooting!
Do I retain copyright to all work I submit? 
YES!! All artists will retain copyright to the work they submit. 

How many images can I submit?
You may submit up to 5 photographs.
How do I submit my pictures?
Submit your photos via email to [email protected]  - please send photos in jpeg or png files.
When do I have to do this by?
Well, things are a bit strange right now, so we've extended the submission deadline indefinitely. So you've got plenty of time!
How will I know which images I get to have on display?
We will contact you via email if your work makes it into the show. At this time, if your work is accepted, we will let you know which image(s) we have chosen. 
When will I know which images of mine will be displayed?
You will know one week after submissions close.
Then what?
You will go get your images printed and mounted.
How much will printing/mounting be?
The cost of one mounted print is between $20 and $30.
Where do I go to get things printed?
Island Blue or Prism will be offering special prices on printing/mounting for this show; however, as long as you stay within the parameters of what we are asking for you may go wherever you please. More information on printing requirements to come!
Where do I deliver my prints and when?
We'll let you know when we know.
When is the actual show date?
To be determined- watch this space.


If you have any more questions please get in touch. We are always happy to chat.


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