Astrum Foto 400 (135/36)

Article number: ASTRUM-400
34 available
Astrum Foto 400 is based on old Svema formulas and manufactured with Svema machinery in Shostka, Ukraine. Astrum Foto 400 is an ISO 400 black and white film with a classic grain structure and extended IR sensitivity. A few things to note: This film is provided in a reloadable cassette, which is a fun bonus, but it also means that you should load and handle the film in subdued light. Also, the thin polyester base helps with flatness but may complicate minilab scans, so check with the lab if you're not doing your own scanning. This film is not DX coded: you will need to ensure that your camera's ISO is manually adjustable.
  • Black and white negative film
  • ISO 400
  • No DX coding
  • 36 exposures
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