Paul C. Buff Cybersync rental.

C$10.00 per day
Article number: RT-CYBERSYNC-1
Paul C. Buff's rugged, simple Cybersync wireless triggers for off-camera flash triggering. Multichannel select to avoid interference, simple hotshoe-mounted transmitter, and cables to match nearly any lighting setup. This rental includes:
  • 1 Paul C. Buff CSRB transmitter
  • 2 Paul C. Buff CSRB receivers
  • 1 PC sync-1/16" miniplug connector
  • 2 PC Sync-1/8" miniplug connectors
  • 2 1/8" miniplug-1/8" miniplug connectors
  • 2 1/4" miniplug-1/4" miniplug connectors
  • 1 carrying case
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