Arri Fresnel 3-light kit (1100W total)

Arri Fresnel 3-light kit (1100W total)

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A versatile 3-light Fresnel kit with one each of 150W, 300W, and 650W hotlights with barn doors and scrims. A great location or studio lighting kit, supplied in a large roller case which does not fit inside some popular Japanese convertibles. If you have never used this type of light before, please ask us for further instruction. This rental includes:

  • 1 Arri 150W light
  • 1 Arri 300W light
  • 1 Arri 650W light
  • 3 Arri light stands
  • 6 scrims (single & double for each light)
  • 1 pair leather grip gloves
  • Wheeled carrying case