Kinoflo Divalite 201 Rental

Kinoflo Divalite 201 Rental

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A single Kinoflo DivaLite 201 two-lamp fluorescent light bank, designed to provide soft, even lighting for stills or video. 3200k and 5500k tubes are included to match the colour temperature of any additional lights being used (our Arri fresnels are 3200k). Fully dimmable, with a Flozier for additional softening. This rental includes:

  • 1 KinoFlo Divalite 201 light
  • light stand
  • 90-degree louver panel
  • gel holder (gels not included)
  • Flozier diffusers
  • 2 3200K lamps
  • 2 5500K lamps
  • lamp case
  • Carrying case