Famous Format FF No.1 Monobath (500ml)

Article number: FFNO1-500ML
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Famous Format No.1 monobath developer isn’t just a developer! It’s a developer, stop, and fixer all in one. And it’s super easy to use: formulated to work at standard room temperature, you just pour FF No.1 right from the bottle into your developing tank and then pour it back when you’re done (full instructions are below). And here’s a fun advantage: developing time is 6 minutes total, no matter what film you’re using. This 500ml bottle can develop 4 rolls of 35mm, 6 rolls of 120, or 12 sheets of 4x5 film. Here’s how to do it: Wear gloves and eye protection, and always use FF No.1 in a well-ventilated space. For best results with 35mm, 120 and 4x5 film, use a daylight tank. 1) Quickly pour the monobath at room temperature (70-72°F or 21-22°C) into your daylight tank. Ensure that the negatives are completely covered by the monobath fluid. Agitate using the inversion method continuously for the first minute, then invert once at each subsequent 30-second interval. Total development time is 6 minutes. 2) After 6 minutes in the solution, pour the monobath back into its container. Then rinse the negatives thoroughly in room-temperature water for 5 minutes. 3) Hang the negatives in a dust-free environment to dry. FF No.1 may be used again and again.
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