Hasselblad 1000F w/ Carl Zeiss Tessar 80mm f2.8.

Article number: HB-HASSELBLAD-1000F-CC17355
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The 1000F is Hasselblad’s second camera, combining the famous shape and modular concept of later cameras with a focal plane shutter built into the body (rather than a leaf shutter in the lens, like later models). This 1000F is working, with a good shutter and a clean lens, HOWEVER: the lens has been serviced at some time in the past, and the aperture dial isn’t lined up quite right. So, “5.6” is f2.8, and so on; actual f16 and f22 are not accessible. It’s not the end of the workd, but definitely a flaw worth noting. This camera includes two 120 backs and an original metal lenscap.
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