Linhof Technika V.

Article number: LF-LINHOF-TECHNIKA-V-2122483
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Linhof Technika V in working order, but let me put this right out front: this Technika has seen some things. It’s been re-covered in a coarse-grained brown leatherette, and some of the edges are not perfect; the front-standard swing is a bit tight; the front standard rise/fall gear is missing three teeth (the track on the standard is intact); and there is some finish wear. SO! It’s not perfect. But the rangefinder is clear, the hardware is sound and solid, the groundglass is nice, the bellows are brand new, and despite the issues listed above, in every practical way, this camera is totally usable. Includes handgrip, cable release, and Linhof 6x7 Super Rollex back.
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