MTO 100cm f10.

Article number: NI-MTO-1000-10-65015
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This is a big ol' lens. It's a 1000mm mirror lens, with a fixed f10 aperture and manual focus. The primary mirror has a crack in it, which is probably going to affect imaging, but picture quality is actually pretty solid as it is- especially if you can manage to hold the lens steady. "Now hold on there just a minute, son" you're probably saying. "I've been taking pictures for a long time. I think I know how to hold a lens steady." That's fine but this is a very high-magnification lens and the tripod mount platform is tiny, so it's not as obvious as you might think. "Well, we used to handhold everything back then," you're thinking, "So, aheh, I think I know what I'm doing." Well, OK! This lens also includes two different yellow filters, one orange filter, a screw-on lenshood, and a large wooden carrying case.
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