Nikon F3 with MF-4.

Article number: NI-NIKON-F3-MF4-100978
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This is a complete Nikon F3 250-shot outfit with the MD-4 motor drive, MF-4 250-shot back, MK-1 vertical shutter button, NIkon 250-exposure cassette loader, and 15 film cassettes. Also included: instructions and a standard Nikon F3 rear door. The F3 body has accurate shutter speeds and metering; the viewfinder (a standard non-HP unit) has a few small dents which do not affect function; the viewfinder shade switch is immobile. Body and standard back are otherwise in excellent condition. The MF-4 back is film-tested for spacing and works well; the rear cover support pin knob is slightly bent, which does not appear to affect function. The camera and both provided backs have new light seals. Whether you want to actually shoot 250-foot loads or not, this outfit has you covered.
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