We're hiring!

If you’re familiar with Camera Traders, you already know a bit about us: we buy and sell high quality, fully tested film and digital cameras, photographic equipment, and accessories. We also rent cameras, lighting, and other related equipment; we sell film and processing supplies of all sorts; and we operate a small photo gallery- Fourty Nine- focused on bringing visibility to experimental and emerging artists. We can’t do everything, but we think we’ve got a lot of the most interesting stuff covered, and we’re proud of what we do.
We’re looking for a hard-working, eager person to join our team and help us grow.
This is an involved, front-line job dealing with customers and equipment as part of our small team. Responsibilities include:
  • Customer service and point of sale
  • Equipment testing and pricing
  • Data entry
  • Telephone, electronic, and in-person contact
  • Problem solving
  • Basic retail management (checking inventory, arranging shelves)
  • Packaging and shipping
General photography knowledge is important, but you don’t need to be an expert- just open to learning. Technical training will be provided on the job. Some requirements:
  • General photographic knowledge
  • Customer service and point-of-sale experience
  • Attention to detail
  • An eagerness to learn about the technical intricacies of photographic equipment
  • Comfortable with customer interaction in person, by phone, and by email
  • Good communication skills.
  • The ability to comfortably multi-task
  • The nature of our business and of our premises involves a narrow workspace, some moderate lifting, and frequent trips up and down stairs and ladders, which may create difficulties for those with reduced mobility. 
This is not just a cashier or sales job- it’s an introduction to the technical side of camera equipment, testing, and sales, with plenty of room to grow. If you’re up for a challenge, please send us your resume and a brief cover letter about why you think we’d make a good match. We’d love to hear from you.
You can get in touch by email at jobs@camera-traders.com.