Here's why we don't negotiate pricing

We are often asked if we can negotiate pricing. The answer is no, and here's why:

Our mission is to make sure that photography is accessible to everyone. That means making sure that everyone feels welcome in our retail store, continually improving our website based on customer comments, and keeping our prices at reasonable market rates.

When we price equipment, we do it fairly and transparently. If you're selling equipment, you can read all about how we determine pricing here.

If you're buying equipment, you can compare our pricing to any other used marketplace and you'll find that we are very competitive for items of similar quality. We thoroughly test equipment that we sell so you don't have to wonder whether it works right, we describe it as accurately as possible, and we warranty it for 90 days.

All this to say that we don't play games with our pricing.

People of all ages, abilities, and personalities can enjoy photography. And because we want to make sure that everyone is treated fairly, we don't build in margins for negotiation when we set pricing: we don't like the idea of people who are uncomfortable wheeling & dealing being made to subsidize those who are. 

And that's why we don't negotiate pricing.