Sensor Cleaning

Digital camera sensors have come a long way, but they still collect dust and dirt like nobody's business. If you're noticing dark specks or blobs in the pictures from your digital camera, you've probably got a dirty sensor.

Don't panic! It can be cleaned. If you're feeling up for it, we have everything you need to clean your own sensor. But if you'd rather have it taken care of, we can help you out with that, too.

Our experienced staff use quality VisibleDust products- the same ones we sell in store- to make sure your camera's imaging capabilities are as good as they can be. Turnaround time for sensor cleaning is typically a few days.

Please note that we can clean the sensors of interchangeable lens SLR and mirrorless cameras, not fixed-lens cameras. Basically, if the lens comes off, we can do it; if the lens doesn't come off, we can't.

Please note that additional charges may apply to heavily soiled sensors.  

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