Leica M series leather everready case 14870

Leica M series leather everready case 14870

The Leica 14870 is a handsome Nappa leather everready case for Leica M series cameras. Use top and bottom together for protection, or pull off the top cover and use only the bottom half case.

This case is in excellent condition except for a small (~2cm) cut in the rear of the case near the ISO cutout. Why is is there? Not sure. Doesn't affect function, and it's not on a major contact surface, but if you expect perfection from your Leica accessories (and that's fine, no judgment here) then keep it in mind.

Leica says that this fits the Leica M6/M6TTL, M7, and MP cameras; It'll slip on to the M2/3/4 cameras too, but the bottom half case shape may interfere with the self-timer lever, so it's not a perfect fit.

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