Lowepro Lens Trekker 600 AW II

Lowepro Lens Trekker 600 AW II

The Lowepro Lens Trekker 600 AW II is a well built to purpose bag designed for the internal storage and transportation of a 600mm lens and camera body. It also includes external options to attach a much needed tripod. If you have a real big lens you get the need for a tripod. If you don't have a real big lens, but do have a smallish keg, rocket or a complete set of golf clubs for wee folk, this still may be the bag for you!

In awesome condition. The 600 AW II includes the built-in All Weather Cover and weighs in at under 3kg. The internal dimensions are 23 x 17.5 x 60cm approximate.  There is also an outside semi-collapsable compartment capable of holding squishable items.    

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