Sony Handycam CCD-TR66

Sony Handycam CCD-TR66

The Sony Handycam CCD-TR66 is an analog camcorder that records onto 8mm videotape. It's got a 13x optical zoom (26x digital) and a colour viewfinder. We don't often see working video cameras, and whether you need this for the ANALOG VIBEZ or to play back your old family videos, it should do the job. Tested and working for both recording and playback. Includes battery charger/AC adapter, a AA battery holder that can run the camera off 6 AA batteries, three new video tapes, one cleaning cassette, and a pair of rechargeable batteries (with limited capacity).

Please note that this camera has an analog RCA output only: it will not connect to USB, HDMI, or any other digital connection without additional accessories (not included)

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