Yashica-Mat 124G
Yashica-Mat 124G

Yashica-Mat 124G

This Yashica 124G is just back from a complete CLA and in nearly-new cosmetic condition, except for- and I am going to take a few breaths to try to calm down before I continue this description- an ID number engraved on the side of the viewfinder. I am not going to say any more about it because this is a family website.

This is a classic medium-format TLR camera with an 80mm f3.5 Yashinon lens that shoots 6x6cm images on 120 rollfilm. CLA'd by Yashica specialist Mark Hama, functionally and optically excellent, with accurate shutter speeds and metering, and calibrated to use longer-lasting 1.5v batteries.  It includes its original case, strap, UV filter (in original box) and Yashica lens shade (also with box), all in similar near-new cosmetic condition.

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