Voigtlander Kontur f=35mm

Voigtlander Kontur f=35mm

When you first look through a Voigtlander Kontur viewfinder, you'll probably say "HEY PAL this viewfinder isn't even see-through, you tryin to fight me?" Well, first of all, please calm down sir. Second, the Kontur isn't supposed to be see-through. When you look inside, all you'll see are frame lines- until you open your other eye. That's right: both eyes open. And suddenly, the framelines from the Kontur project themselves into real life, and it feels like you're some kind of Terminator*. This Kontur is designed for 35mm lenses on 35mm cameras, and it's in pretty nice shape, with only minor screen wear.


* clothes, boots, and motorcycle sold separately

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