Zeiss Ikon 533/24

Zeiss Ikon 533/24

The Zeiss-Ikon 533/24 is a compact folding 35mm camera with a 45mm f2.8 Zeiss-Opton Tessar lens and a pretty decent coupled rangefinder. And not a separate rangefinder window, no: this one’s integrated into the viewfinder. The 533/24 looks old-timey, but it’s surprisingly contemporary in operation*. The lens is clean, and the shutter speeds are good from 1/25s and up. This camera also has a built-in lightmeter, but it does not work at all, even a little bit. A high quality, shootable classic camera in very good shape.

* please note: this is still a mid-50s German folding camera, so while it is relatively contemporary, that’s relative to other mid-50s German folding cameras. Don’t expect a K1000 here.

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